Kitchen obsession

29 May 2013

I just love this little flower table. It would look so good in my kitchen too. I just need to find one...
Latley I got a new little obsession.
I can't get enough of browsing through the gallaries at estate agents web sites.
Not that I'm looking for a new apartment or house, I'm just looking for some inspiration.

I know many other people who blogs och works with interior design use to do the same.
Before I used to think "that's just a little too much". They're too much of design nerds.
And then I started to do the same. Never say never!

So the other day I found this lovey kitchen at
Many of you may have seen it before, then it has flourished around the blogosphere for a while.
But I just have to show you; isn't the shelve in the tiles genius?
Definitely something for my next kitchen!


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